Ryosuke Sakamoto (Actor)

Actor debut is " Asu no Keiji " ( TV 1978 ).
The newest work is "Ginza Romance"(Stage 2005)
Birthday 20. Aug. 1959
Height 181cm
Weight 69kg
Special ability NICHIBU
Japanese dancing of the Wakayagi style
Blood-type O
Birth Place Zushi, Kanagawa - JAPAN
Ryosuke Sakmoto was beginning to learn NICHIBU from 5 years old, he became Natori at the age of 14 and instructor Natori at the age of 18. It became the center of attention that he acquired license by the youngest in the Wakayagi style, and it scouted for him from the entertainment world.He left the entertainment world in 1994. However, entertainments activities were resumed through the stage performance from 2003.

Representative Works

Asu no Keiji (1978) 
Asu no Keiji (1978) 
Television Asu no Keiji (1978)
Tokusou Saizensen (1979)
Wappa wo Kakero ! (1979)
Tadaima Hohkago (1980)
Tokugawa Ieyasu (1983)
Bioman (1984)
Kamen Rider Black (1987)
Kasuga no Tsubone (1989)
Solbrain (1991)
Ultra Q (2004)
Bioman (1984) 
Bioman (1984) 
Movie Bioman (1984)
Tsuri Baka Nisshi 3 (1990)
Movie Gone With The Wind (1987) 
Annie (1987)
Fu-ryu Mikawa Uta (1992)
Ippon-Katana Dohyou-iri (1994)

Two mirrors held against and time of glass
Ran -Revolt- (2004)
Seishun ha Tesaguri<br />
Seishun ha Tesaguri
Discography Seishun ha Tesaguri (1980) 
Show-nan Youmagure (1980)
       Lyric by Michio Ymagami, 
       Music by Koji Makaino
You-yake no Pegasus (1984)
       Lyric by Kayoko Fuyumori, 
       Music by Kunihiko Kase


FAQ  Please acknowledge that these to be answers in the range that Sakamoto knows.

1). Why was the first Yellow 4 (Yuki Yajima) got replaced?
We have heard that the reason was because of the scenarios for showing enemy's strength. We don't know it though there might have been her own reason.

2). How are the members of Bioman now?
21 years have already passed since the Bioman...
I was temporarily away from the show business. And, members have advanced on each course.
Mr. Osuga(Blue3) leaves the entertainment world and he is doing bonesetter management now. He attended the hero event with me in 2003. He looked fine.
Ms. Tanaka(Second Yellow4) also left the entertainment world and she has got married. She attended the hero event with me in 2004. She is even now very beautiful.
The detailed thing is not known about the present of Mr. Ota(Green2), Ms. Makino(Pink5),and Ms.Yuki Yajima. It is regrettable.

August, 2004  Interviewer ; Silvio Doria   Excerpt from the Nihonsite (Brazilian site)

1) What film did you first work on?
Actor debut is "Asu-no-keiji (Tomorrow's Cop) " TV 1978
Bioman (1984) is my first starring work.

2) Did You participate "Solbrain (episode 17)" ? Please talk about it to me.
Solbrain (episode 17)

Mr. Takeshi Ogasawara who is the supervisor of this episode was the assistant director of the drama to which I appeared in 1979. Director Ogasawara brought the direct offer also for the guest performance of "Solbrain (episode 17)."
The scene which Mr.Koichi Nakayama (Daiki) and I jumps in from the track into the river was very serious and dangerous. The flow of the water of the river was increasing and very intense. The supervisor direction was to jump into the river with handcuffs on, with no stunt. So I did..., but I was drowning and strike my body repeatedly against on the rock of bottom and cracked my ribs.

3) What do you think about Power Ranger?
Though regrettable, I have not seen Power Ranger. I heard that there was a fighter of various races. It is wonderful. Are there many members' stories?

4) How did you become involved in Bioman (1984)? Please tell me some of the episodes?
I performed Bioman which passed audition. I have heard that the career which was appearing on the school drama (1980) was accepted. Bioman is the series for one year. Big chance as an actor! My leading role was the first, and I did my best so that action performance might be done personally. Since I was not an action actor, I thought that weight would be put on the high play of drama nature.
In episode 16, I have caused the motorbike accident. But I did not want to leave from the role of Shiro Go. I went to the movie set from a hospital.

5) The "suit-actor" of Red One (Bioman) was Kazuo Niibori "Red Guy", have you noticed?
Mr.Kazuo Niibori"Red Guy" is the promoter of RED SPIRIT 20th. He is very friendly. I am learning sword fight performance from him.
When I was appearing on Bioman, even now, I respect him and we meet again several years ago at his friend's marriage ceremony and I came to participate in the lesson of The Red Action Club.

6) You participated in many shows like Anime Japan Fest 2003, Japan Expo (in France), RED SPIRIT 20th... I would appreciate it if you would tell me more about it.
With the play and the show as a start,I returned to the entertainment world. 
The popularity of the series is high in Japan too.
In Anime Japan Fest 2003, singers are main. In RED SPIRIT 20th, I performed the sword fight together with suit actors (without make-up), and danced NICHIBU solo.

7) What do you think about the French Tokusatsu fan?
They were hot! They are acquainted with series. There were many fans singing the Bioman theme song in Japanese by Japan Expo in France, I was glad. (Although Japanese fans are also hot,) I thought that they were more positive than Japanese fans. 

8) Could you send a message to all Brazilian fans?
Hello! to all Bioman Fans, 
I found out that my existence was known throughout the world. I was moved.
From last year, I started doing resumption of activity as an actor.
I appreciate your concern. I'm willing to continue acting so please keep believing me...
Ryosuke Sakamoto